Vegan Cheesecake Cookies

So the other day, I was doodling on a piece of paper this idea for a dessert I had. It was going to be a miniature cheesecake on a shortbread cookie base. I went at it, and after a few attempts, I’ve finally got a recipe!

Vegan Cheesecake Cookies

Makes six large cookies. About 450 calories per cookie.

Shortbread Cookie Base

  • 1/2 Cup Cornstarch
  • 1/2 Cup Icing Sugar
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 3/4 Cup Vegan Butter (eg. Earth Balance)
  1. Set the oven to 300F.
  2. Mix the dry ingredients together.
  3. Add in the softened butter until a dough forms.
  4. Roll out a sheet of wax paper and place on working surface.
  5. Take out a big ball of dough and place on the wax sheet. Then lay a second sheet of wax paper on top of the dough.
  6. Roll over the dough and sheets with a rolling pin. You want the dough to be a centimeter thick.
  7. Cut out the dough in a circle (you can use an upside down glass), and place on cookie sheet.
  8. Put another ball of dough on the wax paper. Lay the second sheet of wax paper on top, and roll over it again – just like before. Also just like before, you want it to be a centimeter thick, and you want to cut out the cookie shape.
  9. With this second cookie, you’re going to cut out a smaller circle in its center. So now you have two circles. Take the outer one, and lay it on top of your cookie on the baking sheet – making a rim for the “crust”.
  10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 until no more dough remains.
  11. Bake for ten minutes. Prepare the topping during this baking time.

Cheesecake Topping

  • 1/2 Container Vegan Cream Cheese (eg. Tofutti)
  • 3 Tbsp Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Water
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla
  • Pinch Salt
  1. Set the oven to 350F.
  2. Use a mixer or whatnot to blend cream cheese until softened.
  3. Add in sugar, vanilla, salt, and water.
  4. Blend thoroughly.
  5. Pour with a spoon in the center of the cookies.
  6. Bake for 30 minutes, until topping becomes golden brown.
  7. Let cool. Then refrigerate if they aren’t going to be served immediately.


  • Vegan Whipping Cream (eg. Soy Whip)
  1. Once the cookies are cool, add the whipping cream.

My Thoughts

I did half the quantity of topping, and it was still tons! I think next time I might even go for half that. But otherwise, this was a real success. I kind of wish there was a greater filling to cookie ratio, but I’m not too sure how I’d go pulling that off without having it crumble under its own weight or be unwieldy. Nevertheless – delicious.