Social Issues by Party

Conservatives: We don’t experience this issue, therefore it doesn’t exist. We oppose any solution that works because it would victimize us.

Liberals: We don’t experience this issue but we’re good at listening. We’ll pass laws that address the issue for those most like us. The rest will be criminalized.

NDP: Some among us experience this issue. We’ll pass laws that are slightly more encompassing than the Liberals. The rest will be criminalized.

Bloc Québécois: Glares at the NDP.

Christian Heritage: Those who experience this issue deserve it. In fact, we want to pass laws that punish those who experience this issue.

Libertarian: We don’t experience this issue, therefore it’s not our problem. We oppose any solution unless it makes us money.

Communist (Marxist-Leninist): This is a class issue so the problem will solve itself once we’re in power. Anyone who brings it up thereafter is a counter-revolutionary.

Pirate: We don’t know anything about the issue but we think that freeing documentaries from copyright will help.


This perception is through the lens of my own views. It’ll be interesting to see where I stand in ten years and how I view different parties.