Story Creator

I’m pleased to announce the initial release of my latest project, the Story Creator. The Story Creator lets you make your own “choose your own adventure” style game online. You can try it out at


The site gives you a spot to submit your own stories. These stories are written in “story code”, which is really just the simple markup language Markdown. The Story Creator will then understand that code and build a website out of it.


This is what one of those websites made with the Story Creator would look like:



Documentation for how to write “story code” is available on the site. It covers everything you need to know plus numerous examples. Many examples come with a Try Example button to take the code out for a spin.


When playing out one of these “choose your own adventure” games, the site will build a history of all actions taken. You can thus go back in time and explore a different branch of the story.


Finally, the Story Creator doesn’t save anything. The main reasons are that it greatly reduces project complexity, server load, maintainability requirements, and copyright concerns. However, there is still a means to share your works out there by leveraging third-party document sharing sites.




The source code for the Story Creator is available on GitHub and released under the MIT License. You’re free to copy the code, change it and make it your own, redistribute it, etc.


I’m really pleased with myself. It’s been two years since my last open-source project I saw to completion, a graphical package manager for Arch Linux. I consider the workshops I’ve done to be creative endeavours, but they weren’t on this scale. It feels good to finally finish something, you know?

Anyways, you can take the Story Creator for a spin here.