Open Source

I write open-source projects to play with new programming languages or concepts. Given the nature of my work is to code for a living, I tend to favour other pass times such as baking or reading, but sometimes I’ll do stuff like the content below.

Selfie Montage

A set of simple scripts to find all the selfies on my computer and make a video out of them. I made this to create a transition video for myself, whereby I wanted to show how my facial features had changed after having been on hormone replacement therapy for two years. Written using Python and the OpenCV library.

Post with screenshots and video. Code on GitHub.


Story Creator

A tool to create and publish interactive novels. Stories are written in a Markdown derivative and the tool parses it to create a web-based interactive novel. Written using JavaScript.

Official websitePost with screenshots and more info. Code on GitHub.


Arch Play

A graphical front-end for the pacman package manager on Arch Linux. Written using C++ & Qt.

Post with screenshots and more infoCode on Bitbucket.

Screenshot from 2013-11-19 13:37:56


A GUI framework to create desktop applications with JavaScript. Written using JavaScript.

Post with more infoCode on GitHub.


Visual Hex Editor

Command-line tool to visually compare two binary files. Written in C.

Code on SourceForge.