These are the slides from workshops I’ve given. I focus on talking about issues that have personally affected me and others around me and so the topic is more often than not trans issues. I also take to other outlets to explore these issues, such as publishing zines with short stories.

Not Passing

Discusses obstacles that non-passing people face and how gender conformity is pushed from the outside. Target audience are trans and gender variant people.

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Trans 101 for the Workplace

Provides a base level introduction to vocabulary around trans people, dispelling misconceptions, and discussing how discrimination is normalized. Target audience are cisgender individuals in management or leadership positions.

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Trans Narrative & Involuntary Therapy

Dispel myths I encountered time and time again in the policy / counseling sphere around trans people and to talk about how these myths translated into barriers that hurt trans people. Target audience are cisgender counselors, therapists, and medical professionals.

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Transmisogyny 101

Discusses how and why transfeminine individuals are disproportionately marginalized when compared to the trans and gender variant population as a whole. Target audience are students & young adults.

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