Two Years on Estrogen and a Coding Project

My two year anniversary of having started on Estrogen occurred on July 15, 2016. This followed a long journey to receive hormone replacement therapy that began with a phone call to a community clinic in May 2013. I spoke about my transition and experiences here.

I wanted to mark the occasion by making a transition video that would show a series of selfies of my face as it changed over time, under the effect of androgen blockers and estrogen.

However, I have tens of thousands of photos stored on my computer. Manually going through them all to copy the ones that were selfies would take a long while. The solution? Write code to automate that process.

So armed with an example of facial recognition code, I put together a very simple script that would go through my library of pictures, identify which ones were selfies, and copy them to a directory.


It worked. I soon had a directory with perhaps a hundred selfies. There were a few false positives, but given that only a small fraction of my photos were selfies, I was impressed.


Then I wrote a script that combined these photos into a video, and added sound. The result was the following:

The code I put together is pretty rough, given that this was a one-time script. If it interests you though, you can download it here: